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Additional quotes from our customers.

"I'm sick and tired of having to trim small pieces of electrical tape to cover the LEDs on my equipment that distract me from enjoying a movie. You guys are on the right track here."

---Phil Jackson

"Light Dims are great LED Blockers, thank you LightDims"

---Brad Stone

"I have been looking for an easy to use LED Sticker for years, Now I have found them"

---Kevin Smith

"LightDims LED Covers make my life more comfortable, Light Dims do what they say they do"

---Fred Riser

"The display on my Verizon DVR is excessively bright; just earlier today I was thinking of looking for a product like yours, and then when I checked the "audio news" section of the Audio Auditions website, there it was!! LightDims How fortuitous!!"

---Bruce M. Scheiner

"LightDims work...they do what they are advertised to do and they are simple yet effective. i like that."

"I think Light Dims are a great idea. Everyone needs this."

"I think that LightDims are awesome products."

---Keith Robnett

"Right now I just have duct tape over the lights that bother me and that is not a pretty solution as compared to Light Dims"


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